Walk On Bark


Walk-On Fir Bark Mulch
Value: Economical and beautiful Fir Bark Mulch. Used to reduce raindrop splash erosion. Reduces weeds while conserving soil moisture and improving the potential for vigorous long term vegetation.
Improves water infiltration rate. Reduces storm water runoff volume and velocity.
Recommended Uses:
Typically applied on 2:1 slopes or flatter at a thickness of 2” – 3” deep.
Walk-On Bark is shredded and adheres to slopes better than bark chunks that can roll.
Best Practices:
Easily applied by pneumatic blower truck on slopes or flat areas at a depth of 2”-3” (270- 400 cubic yards/acre).
Walk-On Fir Bark Mulch can be applied around existing plants, directly on soil or over weed barrier fabric.
Consider using with compost (incorporate) to treat poor soils that are compacted, nutrient depleted or poorly draining.
Walk-On Fir Bark Mulch is manufactured from clean, fir bark nuggets that have been shredded.
It is a reddish light to dark brown natural color.
Particle Size: 1⁄2” – 3”, and not less than 3/8” in width and 1/16” in thickness. (85% by volume shall conform)
Walk-On Fir Bark Mulch contains:
Clean, fir bark nuggets that have been slightly shredded.
We can apply Walk-On Fir Bark Mulch to 2:1 slopes or flatter areas.
A depth of 2” to 3” is the recommended.